Monday, May 12, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination From Amy J

Tak disangka-sangka Cik T akan kena tag...Huhu... Kena tag oleh Cik Amy J
Thank You bebanyak Amy J
The rule:
1) Post a short Q&A about themselves
2) Answer the questions the tagger has asked
3) Create a new list of questions for their own nominees
4) Choose a list of their own nominees and notify them

And the question that been ask by Amy J to me is...

1. What is the last dream you remember?

The last dream I remember? I was in a white room with a lot of door...

2. Do you have any pets?if so, what are they and what are their names?if no,what would you want as a pet?

Yes, I do have pets. 1 cat and 1 dog... Sunday The Bossy Cat and Hitam The Friendly Dog.

3. What's a bad habit you have?

Bad habit? I dont know if I have any... Entahlah

4. Who do trust most in the world?

My Mom

5. What is the last song you listened to?

More Than Words by Extreme.... Mak pasang CD lagu country tadi....

6. Favorite way to spend a lazy day...

Read a novel or sleep...

7. What are you proudest of in your life?

Winning in the shooting competition... Just got a second place but still proud cause I the only one from my team who win...

8. When did you first fall in love?

In Form 5 maybe...

9. Are you good at hiding your feeling?


10. What was your last thought before your sleep last night?

Tomorrow will be Sunday... Ok tu je...

11. Top 5 Movies

Istanbul Aku Datang

The Notebook
My Heart

and the nominees is :

Cik Cederawasih
Sara Zawawi
Wawa Abdul Hadi

Lisa Hlovate
Akif Imtiyaz
Bella Nabieyla
Eyqa Yushaiza
Anis Adnan
Intan Saffyna

Nurul Syazwani 

Dan ini soalan utnuk korang jawab....hehe...

1. What is the color of your shirt that you are wearing right now?
2. What is your zodiac sign?
3. If you have a superpower, what could it be?
4. Favorite food?
5. Your favorite quotes?
6. If you could symbolize yourself as an animal, which one was your?Why?
7. Your fictional crush is...
8. What is your favorite cartoon movies?
9. What is your ambition when you were a little kid?
10. How old do you think I am (Cik Tylia)?
11. What animal do you want as your pets?
Kalau yang kena tag tu kalau dah siap, sila comment ye..... Selamat Menjawab?

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